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Ventilation Catalogue 2018

16 Jan 2017

The New Catalog Air Line by G3Ferrari has arrived!


The new Ventilation Line makes your home a comfortable environment for the whole family.


The G3 FERRARI Ventilation Line is a complete range of products dedicated to the air treatment, in full compliance with safety regulations, with great attention to the quality of materials and an eye on innovation. Belong to this line of products, the wall mounting air circulators Girandolo, which are equipped with 180° swivel blades, the silent Greco box fan and the stand fan 4 Stagioni equipped with timer, remote control and 3 ventilation modes. The brand new Bora and Marino stand fans plus Levante and Ponente table fans are made of metal and they are available in various colours. Super Fresco series complete the line: the digital fan Klimas with atomising function and the air coolers, featuring a special evaporative panel with cooling function, for your maximum domestic comfort.


Download "NEW G3Ferrari Ventilazione 2018"

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