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Thanks to its 2800 rpm speed, our spin dryer Monia is ideal for removing as much moisture from the laundry as possible, reducing drying time and costs (only 3 cents per cycle) and helping to lengthen the life of your garments, permanently eliminating all the detergent residues that otherwise the washing machine alone would not be able to remove. With only 36 centimetres in diameter, Monia is perfect to install in a tight space and can accommodate a maximum amount of wet clothes of 5.2 kg. Very delicate with all types of fabric, Monia is equipped with a stabilization system that spreads the laundry over the drum to avoid vibration, stainless steel basket and practical lid with anti-opening system to always ensure maximum safety of use.

Technical features

Removes water from your clothes

Clothes ready in 5 minutes

High rotation speed 2800 RPM

Loading capacity: 5.2Kg of wet clothes

Stabilization system: spreads the laundry over the drum to avoid vibration

Stainless steel inner drum 

Lid with safety device against opening during use

Energy saving: power consumption is only 25Wh for a drying cycle

Compact design 

Power supply: AC 220-230V ~ 50 Hz

Power 300-330 W

Dimensions (Ø x H): 36 x 64 cm

Weight: 8.5 Kg

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