Pizzeria Snack Napoletana

Pizza oven PLUS


The traditional Italian pizza in 5 minutes! The fragrance and taste are enhanced with the unique pizza-oven Pizzeria Snack NAPOLETANA. Thanks to the high cooking temperatures (up to 400°C) this oven is able to cook pizza without drying the sauce, guaranteeing the same result of the best pizzerias in Naples. NAPOLETANA, thanks to the EXCLUSIVE cooking system with 2 refractory stone plates, be used to prepare excellent traditional tigelle emiliane or piadine romagnole and for cooking toasts, cakes, pies and delicious sandwiches. Recipe book included.



Technical features

Adjustable thermostat (max 400°C)

5 minutes Timer

2 refractory stones (Ø 31 cm)

Removable upper refractory stone

2 steel heating elements

Working light indicator

2 cooking positions

Accessories: pizza tray

Power supply: AC 230V ~ 50Hz 

Power: 1200W

Dimensions (L x H x D): 34 x 19,5 x 37 cm

Weight: 5,9 Kg

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