Electric deep fryer

Friggisano Duo

Everyone has their own tastes, but Friggisano Duo will make everyone happy. Here is the new two-zone air fryer, which fries two different dishes with less fat and allows you to serve them together hot and crispy.

Friggisano Visual

Delicious and healthy fried food, up to 80% less fat.

Fries without the addition of oil or fat, bakes and roasts.


Friggisano 22L

Multifunction Air Fryer Oven

Friggisano 22L is the evolution of the air fryer and allows you to prepare tasty and crispy fries with 80% less fat. The fast air circulation technology, combined with the high temperature (up

Friggisano 2.0

With this multifunction oven cook healthy without sacrificing flavour. Friggisano 2.0 is much more than an air fryer: it is also used for toasting, grating, baking and roasting.

Friggisano XL

Tasty and crispy fries with up to 80% less fat. Don't you believe that? Discover the Friggisano XL air fryer. It's 5 lt capacity makes it ideal for cooking for the whole family.


You can't give up frying but still want to cook without fat? With Friggisano you can cook healthy and delicious foods with little or no oil at all in no time.


Frying is a breeze. Easy and quick to clean, Pastella is the compact fryer that allows you to fry whenever you want, quickly and without getting a mess all around you.


Fried, what a passion! For a carefree fried to the whole family there is Crunchy, the 2.5 liter fryer easy to use and clean.