G3 Ferrari withdrawn from the market the electric heater mod. G60005

due to risk of electric shock and/or burns.

G3 Ferrari invites all the customers who have bought the electric heater G3 Ferrari mod. G60005, not to use the product and to contact G3 Ferrari to find a solution to the issue.

Safety has always been a priority for G3 Ferrari. All our products are tested and approved in accordance with the strictest standards and existing laws.

However, we received a notification concerning the power cord, which, if inaccurately and firmly pulled inside the device, might get damaged with a potential danger for the user of electric shock and burns due to the insufficient mechanical resistance of the protection.

G3 Ferrari, that meanwhile is conducting further verification, invites all customers to return the product to the store where it has been bought for the substitution with a similar item or for refund. Ticket is not required for the return of the product.

The direction stated:

“We received a notification from Hungary that the power cord and the electric heater protection mod. G60005 may cause risks such as electric shock and burns if subjected to improper and forced stress”.
“The safety of the customer is the highest priority for G3 Ferrari and for this reason we decided to withdraw the electric heater mod. G60005 as a precautionary measure.”

Customers can return the electric heater mod. G60005 to the store where it has been bought, where they will get a full refund or a replacement product.

To receive the refund, the ticket is not required.

For further information please contact our Customer Service at 0541.75.64.20 or richiamo@g3ferrari.it