Our products

Enjoy getting the most out of your home with the practical and stylish design of G3 Ferrari household appliances for preparing and cooking food, and for household and personal care.

Speciale Pizza


Passion and enthusiasm in searching new technological solutions and a consolidated experience of over 45 year business in design and creation of kitchen appliances, have driven the creation of our new Cooking Line.

Food preparation

With our new Food Preparation Line, we wanted to create appliances with simple features that are integrating modern and at the same time advanced technological functions.


We were among the first electric iron manufacturers in Italy and since 1970 we have kept searching for new products, pursuing our goals with great attention to customers’ needs, always looking curiously at the new market without forgetting where we started from.


This new section will flow into household appliances of different types, with great attention to the latest market ideas. 

Personal Care

To meet the needs of our customers, we have created a complete Personal Care Line, with products for hairstyling, health and body care.

Cooling Line Aria