Small appliances for food preparation

Pastaio Elegance

Direct Force: motor with direct driving and metal gears, for maximum efficiency and reliability

Pasta maker G20138

Pastaio Deluxe

Planetary kneader with 8-speed direct drive motor, Pastaio Deluxe is the top for the preparation of creamy and clump-free doughs, but also a refined piece of furniture for your kitchen thanks to a design inspired by tradition.


Meat grinder IM31

With this accessory you can also use your G3 Ferrari Deluxe Pasta Maker to mince meat.

Pasta maker IM32

for mod.: G20075

Fettuccine maker IM33

This accessory allows you to use your Pastaio Deluxe G3 Ferrari planetary mixer also to prepare excellent homemade noodles.

Spaghetti maker IM34

This accessory allows you to use your Pastaio Deluxe G3 Ferrari planetary mixer also to prepare homemade spaghetti.

Pastaio 10&Lode G20120

Powerful planetary kneader, fast and easy to clean, which you can use every day to knead, beat and whip. And with its wide range of optional accessories, you can also use it to make many other preparations.

Pastaio 10&Lode G20113

With Pastaio 10&Lode you can prepare doughs for pizza, traditional or egg pasta, cakes, biscuits, and many types of bread. In addition, thanks to the built-in pasta puller you can also make a perfect dough to make tasty pasta dishes.

Meat grinder G20114

Turn your Pastaio 10&Lode planetary mixer into a professional meat grinder with the G20114 accessory and embark on new creative recipes.

Pasta maker G20115

Do you want to turn your Pastaio 10&Lode into a pasta pulling machine? No problem, just buy the special accessory G20115 and after creating the dough you can make the dough directly.

Fettuccine maker G20116

Make great homemade noodles with your Pastaio 10&Lode. Enough to have this accessory, compatible with models G20113 and G20120.

Spaghetti maker G20117

This accessory allows you to use your Pastaio 10&Lode G3 Ferrari planetary mixer also to prepare homemade spaghetti.


Power 1800W MAX, Big capacity: 7 lt, 6 speeds + PULSE


PastaOK is the planetary mixer for those who want to prepare bread, pizza, pasta, cakes, biscuits and homemade creams with results similar to the true professionals.

Pastaio Gourmet G20145

Your personal pastry chef: prepare creams, whipped cream, sweet and savory doughs, with excellent results.

Sfoglia Prof G20125

Making pasta at home, quickly and effortlessly, has never been easier.

Sfoglia Mia G20121

How many dishes can you prepare with Sfoglia Mia! Five varieties of fresh homemade pasta to create new tasty recipes for your family and friends.

Sfoglia Easy G20124

Making pasta at home, quickly and effortlessly, has never been easier. Sfoglia Easy is the pasta machine that cannot miss in the home of lovers of good food.

Mixatutto G20099

Chop, blend, grind, chop, grate, slice, mix, homogenize. You can do everything and even more with this modern multifunction robot with a 3-litre bowl.

Cupido G20123

Cupido crushes ice, blends, emulsifies, and amalgamates: your ally in the kitchen to create smoothies, emulsions and excellent cocktails.

Superbo G20122

A refined and modern look that makes it perfect for your kitchen: Superbo, the 1.5-litre ice crusher suitable for all your preparations.

Vortice G20098

More than just a simple blender, a powerful six-blade ice crusher with four different operating speeds, allowing you to make many different preparations.

Girò G20091

A new and modern look for the 1.5-litre G3 Ferrari ice crusher which twists, blends, emulsifies, minces and amalgamates.

Mister Fruit

The ideal blender to prepare your favourite smoothies every morning in just a few moments: practical and compact, perfect even for single portions.



With three sets of stainless-steel blades combined with a power of 500W, Samurai is the multifunction shredder that allows you to get the results of a real chef.

Realmix 7

Safe and easy to use, Realmix 7 is the shredder that grinds, chops, reduces to puree, emulsifies, and effortlessly mixes any type of food.



Tartàr 2in1

Meat grinder with a modern design that you can also use as a tomato and potato masher. For a versatile and inexpensive cooking.

Antelao Kit

G20143, Antelao: the multifunctional appliance with a powerful 1000W motor, 8 speeds and a wide range of accessories. It instantly can be transformed in a blender, whipping beater and chopper, making even the most complex processes easy. Its ergonomic handle and the removable and separately washable rod make it comfortable and practical for any type of food.



 G20142, Antelao: the powerful and versatile hand blender that makes every preparation a child's play. With its 1000W motor and 8 speeds, it tackles the toughest jobs with ease. The practical and separately washable rob adapts to any temperature, while the ergonomic handle ensures comfort in use. Get precise and optimal mixing results every time.


Mashes, mellows, creams and smoothies ready in minutes. Mulinello blends your hot or cold dishes directly in the pot or in any container. Disassemble the stem, wash it and store everything in a contained space. There's no more practical than that!

Chop & Drop


Super precise scale with division 0.1g, allows to weight spices, coffee powder, yeast and much more.


G20141, Easymix: the hand blender that makes the difference. With a powerful 400W motor, it works quickly and accurately. Its versatile rod works both with hot and cold foods, while cleanup is a breeze thanks to its detachable construction. The ergonomic handle ensures comfort in use, and the 2 speeds ensure optimal mixing results in every preparation.

Bravomix 550 KIT

Hand Mixer with stainless steel bowl

Bravomix 550

Hand Mixer


Create perfect sweets in no time with the help of Animadolce, the powerful and compact 6-speed whisk that allows you to emulsify and whip cream.




Suitable for hard cheese, vegetables, dried fruits and chocolate


The original Parmino G3 Ferrari, the electric grater that allows you to bring the taste of freshly grated cheese directly to the table and onto the plate .


Precise cut on a wide variety of foods

Express Vac

Fresh food lasts five times longer with Express Vac, the vacuum machine with double pump system with which you can seal and package cooked food and ingredients.


Senzaria is suitable for vacuum bags, rollers, and containers. Vacuum seal and preserve your food for longer storage!


Purosucco extracts up to 30% more juice than other juicers, keeping intact the enzymes, vitamins and minerals present in fruits and vegetables.


Dreaming of a perfect citrus juice like at the bar? You can make it every day with the RiberaPro automatic pressure juicer displaying a practical citrus pressing arm.

Ribera Inox


Pleasant design and compact shape make Succobello ideal to always have at hand for when you feel like having a juice. Your juice will effortlessly be ready in just a few moments with this twin-sided juicer.


Don't give up an excellent and healthy citrus juice: you can drink it whenever you want with Citrus, the practical electric pressure juicer with double cup and removable jug.



Homemade ice cream whenever you like it! With Cremosa you can prepare ice creams and sorbets with natural and genuine ingredients and indulge in inventing new recipes.

Bowl for Ice cream maker

Is homemade ice cream ever enough? If a basket is not enough for your Creamy ice cream maker, you can buy a spare one and double your production!


The pleasure of a natural homemade ice-cream!


Big ice production, 2 sizes of ice cubes

Artiko G20139

With ARTIKO You can produce about 1400 cubes in 24 hours, a real stock always ready in all seasons and at all temperatures.


Do you love the intense and sharp aroma of freshly grinded ground coffee? Cafexpress is the coffee grinder that grinds beans in the traditional way but with the practicality and style of today.

Aroma Sì

The special burrs guarantee a precise and fast grinding


Press the lid and in a few moments... it's done! With Trito3 you save time and effort while shredding anything you want.

Realmix 4

Realmix 2


Perfect to grind easily coffee and spices.


"Click&Go system" 4 larger blades: process whole foodstuffs in seconds



Immersion Mixer with Kit

Stelolungo KIT

With its accessory kit the G3 Ferrari 3in1 immersion mixer turns into a complete appliance for emulsifying, mounting, and grinding.


4 blades, 2 speeds, 700W power. With its stainless steel stem, it is the ideal immersion mixer to process any hot or cold dish.


Not only a super precise scale but also an object of refined taste for your kitchen: Linea is the electronic scales with satin finishes and steel bowl that furnishes while helping you to accurately make your recipes.


If what you are looking for is a practical and spacious electronic kitchen scales Ginny is your perfect helper, with its large removable 5 kg bowl for your recipes for the whole family.


5 kg electronic kitchen scales with a practical silicone plate rest accessory. Any recipe becomes easier when you can dose the ingredients in just a few moments without messing everything around!


With its large backlit digital display with battery indicators Sfera is the electronic kitchen scales that simplifies the preparation of your dishes. Essential in any kitchen.


With the Patty electronic kitchen scales you add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.


Maddy adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. With its essential design this is the digital scales that suits you if you are looking for practicality, contained proportions and ease of use.

Natura Kitchen

With its original bamboo surface, Natura Kitchen stands out as a refined piece of furniture, combining advanced functionality with a design inspired by nature.


Aska evokes the furnishings of the kitchens of the past for the robustness of its solid metal body and for its traditional design. Reliable and precise, this mechanical scale is the ideal aid to make your recipes.


With 2 thermoelectric devices cools well also in hot ambient


IGLU’ 20

Perfect for car, camping, boat, holiday, picnic and beach

Refresh or keep warm food and beverage for the whole day 

IGLU’ 30

Perfect for car, camping, boat, holiday, picnic and beach

Refresh or keep warm food and beverage for the whole day 


*** Not available for the Italian market.


*** Not available for the Italian market.

Cellar 38

*** Not available for the Italian market.

Cellar Duo

*** Not available for the Italian market.


*** Not available for the Italian market.

Humidor SS400

*** Not available for the Italian market.