Chopper Coffee grinder


With three sets of stainless-steel blades combined with a power of 500W, Samurai is the multifunction shredder that allows you to get the results of a real chef.

Realmix 7

Safe and easy to use, Realmix 7 is the shredder that grinds, chops, reduces to puree, emulsifies, and effortlessly mixes any type of food.



Realmix 4

Realmix 2


Press the lid and in a few moments... it's done! With Trito3 you save time and effort while shredding anything you want.

Aroma Sì

The special burrs guarantee a precise and fast grinding


Do you love the intense and sharp aroma of freshly grinded ground coffee? Cafexpress is the coffee grinder that grinds beans in the traditional way but with the practicality and style of today.


Perfect to grind easily coffee and spices.