Hand Mixers

Antelao Kit

G20143, Antelao: the multifunctional appliance with a powerful 1000W motor, 8 speeds and a wide range of accessories. It instantly can be transformed in a blender, whipping beater and chopper, making even the most complex processes easy. Its ergonomic handle and the removable and separately washable rod make it comfortable and practical for any type of food.



 G20142, Antelao: the powerful and versatile hand blender that makes every preparation a child's play. With its 1000W motor and 8 speeds, it tackles the toughest jobs with ease. The practical and separately washable rob adapts to any temperature, while the ergonomic handle ensures comfort in use. Get precise and optimal mixing results every time.


G20141, Easymix: the hand blender that makes the difference. With a powerful 400W motor, it works quickly and accurately. Its versatile rod works both with hot and cold foods, while cleanup is a breeze thanks to its detachable construction. The ergonomic handle ensures comfort in use, and the 2 speeds ensure optimal mixing results in every preparation.


"Click&Go system" 4 larger blades: process whole foodstuffs in seconds



Immersion Mixer with Kit

Stelolungo KIT

With its accessory kit the G3 Ferrari 3in1 immersion mixer turns into a complete appliance for emulsifying, mounting, and grinding.


4 blades, 2 speeds, 700W power. With its stainless steel stem, it is the ideal immersion mixer to process any hot or cold dish.


Mashes, mellows, creams and smoothies ready in minutes. Mulinello blends your hot or cold dishes directly in the pot or in any container. Disassemble the stem, wash it and store everything in a contained space. There's no more practical than that!