Express Vac

Vacuum Sealer
COD. G20131

EAN 8056095877555

Express Vac is a vacuum sealer with dual pump system that guarantees a powerful, stable and faster suction. The pressure of 850 mBar and the double sealing bar are able to seal and vacuum in a few seconds a wide variety of foods to keep it fresh up to five times longer.

The stainless steel housing makes it strong ed elegant, and thanks to the roll compartment, the cutter and the tube for canisters, is complete and easy to use.

  • Power 165W
  • 3 functions: Seal, Vacuum, Canisters
  • Options: high or low speed, pulse, dry or moist food
  • Suction force: -850 mBar (85 kPa) 
  • Dual pump system: vacuum is powerful, stable and faster
  • Double sealing to prevent air leakage
  • Control panel with functioning lights
  • Max bag width: 31cm
  • Can be used with bags, rolls, and also vacuum canisters
  • Integrated roll compartment with cutter
  • Including 1 roll 28x300cm and 1 tube for canisters
  • Power supply: AC 230V ~ 50/60Hz
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