Dinamiko Deep

Double induction hob
COD. G10139

EAN 8056095876671

Power, speed and safety in a hob that needs only 30 cm of your kitchen top. 

Induction cooking works through an induced magnetic field that interacts with the pot’s base heating it. This technique means significant benefits in terms of ecology and economy: the energy is directly transferred to the pot, reducing heat losses and decreasing cooking time. 

Dinamiko Deep is a double induction hob with a large cooking area ideal for pots from 12 to 26 cm. The surface is composed of a single glass, very simple to clean. 

The super-slim design gives an elegant and modern line, and the deep configuration occupies only 30 cm of the kitchen top, making Dinamiko Deep a space-saving as well as elegant appliance. 

Each plate has adjustable power: from 200 to 1800W for the large one and from 200 to 1300W for the small one. It is also possible to set the temperature from 60 to 240°C and time from 0 to 3 hours. 

For your safety, it’s equipped with an anti-overheating system and automatic shutdown in case of wrong, empty or absent pan. 

  • Power: 3100W
  • Super slim design: thickness 50 mm
  • Space saving: takes only 30cm of the kitchen top
  • Regulation of big plate: power 200-1800W, temperature 60-240°C
  • Regulation of small plate: power 200-1300W, temperature 60-240°C
  • Digital display, Soft-touch control panel
  • Timer 0-3 hours
  • Surface in single glass for easy cleaning 
  • Pan diameter: min 12cm, max 26cm
  • Power supply: AC 230V ~ 50/60Hz
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