Electronic personal scale

Formula Elegance

The only electronic weighing scales with dual analogic and digital displays, which embellishes your bathroom with its naturally refined style.

Banwood Care

Even an electronic scale can become a piece of furniture if it has a refined and modern design such as Banwood Care, the digital person scales with a bamboo platform.


Weighing scales with wooden effect tempered glass platform and large digital display to keep your weight under control whenever you feel like it.


An elegant tempered glass platform hides a little magic: the concealed LED display that reveals your weight in just a few moments and helps to take care of you every day.


Black Gold is the personal scales with a non-slip platform suitable for the whole family which measures the weight in a few moments with great precision up to 150 kg.


Would you like to keep your weight under control? With a large, easy-to-use digital display, Kiline helps you take care of yourself every day.


So many things to think about since there's a baby in the house! G3FERRARI has created Crescobene for helping you to follow his growth day by day. Taking care of him is easier with this scale, designed to match your needs as well as your child's.<