Tepor Line


3 in 1, oil-filled radiator for long-lasting heating, fan heater for immediate warmth, combined for boost of heating

Ceramic Fan heater G60031

Fan heater G60029


Warm for winter, fresh for summer. Ideal comfort all year long

Convector heater with turbo and timer G60025

Convector heater G60020

This ventilated convector produces a convection of heated air both in natural or forced mode, in total safety and thanks to its overheating protection device. It excels among the models designed to ensure maximum comfort and warmth in every enviro

Bladeless fan heater G60032

Ambient light with 7 colors

Wall mount heater G60022

Carbon heater

Oil filled radiator G60027

Silent and with temperature adjustment for your desired comfort level

Ceramic Tower Fan heater G60023

Fan Heater

A fan heater that makes the difference, thanks to 2000W power, possibility of programming 24 hours a day, IP21 degree of protection, ventilation function and automatic shutdown in case of accidental fall. Anything else to add?

Fan heater

Simplicity in style, minimal but super heat resistant materials, adjustable power: our basic model fan heaters don't lack anything and are perfect to blow warmth and comfort into your home or your office.

Fan heater

Suitable for home or office use, this heated fan with ceramic heating elements has a careful design and can be easily carried. It offers you endless hours of pleasant warmth. Definitely a must-have.