Food preparation

Freedom and creativity in your kitchen.

With our new Food Preparation Line, we wanted to create appliances with simple features that are integrating modern and at the same time advanced technological functions.

Based on our know-how acquired in over 45 years of experience in the market, we decided to put the focus of our project on customer needs, favouring a design which is always at the service of the utility and making our appliances a true help in the kitchen. Among our Line, there are some professional stand mixers such as PastaSì & Pastaio, both equipped with all the accessories to knead, mix and beat; some essential appliances in the kitchen such as food processors, immersion blenders, robots, mixers, extractors, juicers, blenders and some brand new slow juicer such as Fruttèro and PuroSucco. The line is completed by the easy to use icemaker Artiko, the ice cream maker Cremosa and a wide range of digital and mechanical kitchen scales.

Stand mixer

Food processor


Meat grinder & tomato juicer


Slow juicers

Juice Extractors

Citrus juicers


Blenders & Hand Mixers

Cheese graters

Kitchen scale

Ice cream makers

Ice cubes makers

Ice Shaver

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