Coffee maker



Enjoy your break with a great and intense coffee

Suitable to pods and coffee powder (1 or 2 cups)

Cafè del Mar

Up to 6 cups of delicious and always hot American coffee

Special also for barley coffee, tea and infusions

Cafè de Lux

Enjoy the luxury of waking up to a good hot, steaming American coffee. Café de Lux keeps your coffee warm for 40 minutes and makes the whole family happy with its capacity for 12 cups.


Being home is pampering yourself by sipping a nice cup of steaming American coffee, with its intense aroma pervading the air. It takes little to prepare it with the American coffee machine Grancafè.

Risveglio espresso

Wake up every morning with the great aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Risveglio Espresso is the programmable moka that makes you find your coffee ready at the time you want and keeps it warm for 30 minutes. And waking up becomes a pleasure!


Your day will look good right from the morning with the electric Moka Bonjour! A perfect coffee welcomes you when you wake up thanks to the heat maintenance function. All the aroma of moka coffee with the practicality of an electric plate.